I’m Amitai. I’m a software development coach. I help teams learn to deliver more effectively by growing together. Maybe I can help yours.

Amitai deftly navigated us through, keeping the stakeholders happy, the developers happy, and the product working so well that production issues were extremely rare.

—Nathan Arthur (as Developer)


In 20 years comprising global finance, startups, agriculture, universities, and nonprofits, I’ve managed products, projects, and people; engineered code, tests, and releases; deployed and operated production systems; provided phone and desk support; and listened to, empathized with, and improved the lot of folks in all of these roles.

Working with someone under stressful situations and having them keep their cool, be able to teach you in process and also have some fun is a trio of skills that is rare and always welcome.

—John Ouellette (as Operations)

The Promise of Agile

Well-chosen, well-executed technical practices minimize waste and reduce the risk and cost of change. Via technical coaching, including ensemble and pair programming, I can guide your development team through integrating tools and acquiring habits to more rapidly deliver value, more promptly adjust to changed priorities, and more directly contribute to your business.

Not only is he a good developer and engineer, but he can explain complex ideas and give you new concepts with ease. I learned TDD from him.

—Carlos Más (as Operations)

Realizing Agile

I believe teams perform best when they own how their work works, best achieve shared ownership when they commit to technical excellence, and best fulfill the promise of Agile when they feel encouraged to continuously pursue greater discipline and skill.

The impact was immediate: after regularly missing release deadlines by many months, the team’s first release after Amitai’s coaching was missed by only two weeks.

—Todd Stedl (as Product Owner)

In My Own Words

What might it be like to work with me? I’ve presented at Agile Roots, AgileIndy, Path to Agility, Agile & Beyond, Agile Testing Days, both Agile Alliance Technical Conferences, CodeMash, and many other conferences and meetups. I’m a frequent guest on Agile for Humans, where you can hear me in conversation with some remarkable people. And you can listen to distillations of Agile concepts on my highly regarded micropodcast, Agile in 3 Minutes.

He presented a multi-part series to share the development practices he initiated on his team across the organization. The training included tool-chain components, Agile practices, Test-Driven Development, and how to make these practices work well within our large company.

—Daniel Medina (as Stakeholder)


Besides coaching, my other calling is to compose music, for which I have a B.A. from Columbia University and zero (0) awards. My bad poetry, however, has won several.

[Schleier] used a variety of techniques, from similes to poetic puns, and employed them with riotous distaste. The crowd demanded a second reading from him, after which they awarded him with a standing ovation.

—Bwog and Columbia Spectator