I coach anywhere in the New York metropolitan area.

2019 Q1 and Q2: some openings


Your organization already has agility: applied techniques for finding, validating, and accomplishing the next outcome that improves your business.

I believe all organizations also have latent agility: greater effectiveness ready to be developed further.

I can help you take advantage.

Highly recommend! (Full testimonial)
— Patrick Drechsler, Software Developer, Redheads Ltd.

A great facilitator and coach. (Full testimonial)
— Alex Schladebeck, Head of Software Quality and Test Consulting, BREDEX GmbH

I really appreciated Amitai’s time with us. (Full testimonial)
— Barney Dellar, Software Team Lead, Canon Medical Research Europe

Amitai has the gift of bridging technical skills with insights into people collaboration and systemic issues. (Full testimonial)
— Thorsten Brunzendorf, Senior IT Consultant, codecentric AG

If you were to invite Amitai to come help you, I am confident you’d receive excellent help for your money.
Ron Jeffries

Amitai is an amazing human being and coach. Any org would be lucky to have him.
Nivia Henry

One of those rare people who always has something to teach me, and who I can always count on to be exceptional.
Nathan Arthur

Wicked smart, great with people, and has amazing insights.
Jim Holmes

You won’t find a more supportive, encouraging human with whom to explore and problem-solve.
Faye Thompson

Amitai’s a star. I officially endorse him.
Michael “GeePaw” Hill