Hi, I’m Amitai.

You may know me from Agile in 3 Minutes, my Coding Tour, my PubMob, the Jersey City Java User Group, the Southern Connecticut Agile Meetup, people saying nice things, or talks such as this one:

”This talk links tech practices to improvement in human relations in a brilliant and convincing way! Pleasant stories leading up to profound punch lines.”

I believe: more collaborative, more humane software development leads to better business outcomes.

I offer: a rare combination of technical coaching and influential conversations.

My consulting, coaching, and training center on your code in your team space.

Together, let’s reduce the costs and risks — and increase the joy — of software delivery.

Got some of these challenges?

  • New features keep being more expensive and riskier than we expect.
  • When we go to production, something always breaks.
  • It takes half a year for a tiny idea to get to production.
  • It takes half a year for a new developer to get productive.
  • We’re worried about business continuity when people go on vacation, get sick, or leave the company.
  • Each sprint, for six days our testers are bored, and then slammed for four.
  • The team isn’t having conversations about things that matter.
  • The people we want to work here don’t want to work here.

What’s it like to work with me?

A great facilitator and coach. [ more… ]
— Alex Schladebeck, Chief Executive Officer, BREDEX GmbH

An amazing human being and coach. Any org would be lucky to have him.
— Nivia Henry, Engineering Director, Spotify

One of those rare people who always has something to teach me, and who I can always count on to be exceptional.
— Nathan Arthur, VP Development & Product Development, PreEmptive Solutions

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