Amitai has the gift of bringing new techniques and perspectives to a large group of people without pushing or putting people on the spot. He is a great facilitator and coach, and offers his experiences without being overbearing.

During the week he was here, he did individual pairing sessions, group learning hours and various mob programming sessions (including using TDD). The effects have been very positive: we have new exercises for interviews, teams are trying out more mobbing, and many of the non-programmers he worked with also say that they gained a lot.

My personal highlight was our pairing session on the strangler pattern - as someone who “can code a bit but wouldn’t identify as a developer”, I felt safe, comfortable and capable of learning in that environment.

I’d highly recommend Amitai to any company looking to expand their horizons.

Alex Schladebeck, Chief Executive Officer
BREDEX GmbH, Braunschweig, Germany