Amitai has the gift of bridging technical skills with insights into people collaboration and systemic issues.
Thorsten Brunzendorf, Senior IT Consultant, codecentric AG

Highly recommend!
Patrick Drechsler, Software Developer, Redheads Ltd.

I really appreciated Amitai’s time with us.
Barney Dellar, Software Team Lead, Canon Medical Research Europe

Whenever I pair with him I immediately feel calm and grounded.
Andrea Goulet, Chief Executive Officer, Corgibytes LLC

Unique opportunity to be in the presence of someone who will make you a better, smarter version of you.
Kent Beck, Agile Manifesto coauthor

Helped me get unstuck within a few minutes!! Loved our session, learning so much from his approaches how to tackle a problem and going step by step.
Lisi Hocke, Expert Quality Engineer, Ada Health GmbH

He created a safe space, in which I was able to sort through unstructured thoughts and come out with much more clarity on the other side.
Niklas Lochschmidt, Tech Lead, BRYTER GmbH

You won’t find a more supportive, encouraging human with whom to explore and problem-solve.
Faye Thompson, Path to Agility coorganizer

Wicked smart, great with people, and has amazing insights.
Jim Holmes, software delivery consultant

Amitai is awesome! He’s one of the best out there to help you focus on what matters the most in code and in thinking through your strategy.
Lanette Creamer, technical program manager

If you were to invite Amitai to come help you, I am confident you’d receive excellent help for your money.
Ron Jeffries, Agile Manifesto coauthor

Awesome to pair with!
Lisa Crispin, Agile Testing coauthor

Amitai’s a star.
Michael “GeePaw” Hill, software development coach

I endorse this geek.
Deborah Preuss, Agile Coach Camp cocreator

Great coach: book him :)
Gitte Klitgaard, agile coach