Amitai visited our company for a week during his coding tour 2018.

His daily “Learning Hour” provided our company a chance to get new insights not only into Best Practices (Coding & Communication). “Learning Hour” also gave non-programmers the chance to get a hang of “what software development is all about” (”Kata for Non-Programmers”). Also LeanCoffee is something we will try more often ;-)

While working with individual teams (ranging from “embedded” to “enterprise”), Amitai was able to challenge decisions by asking the right questions. This improved our understanding of our “well-known” processes. We were able to reflect more clearly where our priorities should be in the future.

Amitai is not an agile missionary. He immediately recognized teams which work very efficiently without “scrum” or “kanban”. This pragmatic approach was highly appreciated, and led to creative results!

In summary: I can highly recommend Amitai as a coach for your company!

Patrick Drechsler, Software Developer
Redheads Ltd., Erlangen, Germany