I really enjoyed working with Amitai during his coding tour stop at codecentric. He quickly immersed himself into our project context and was able to help. Especially I was fond of doing pair and mob programming together with him. His focus on small but important things, like changing roles regularly, still sticks with us.

Amitai has the gift of bridging technical skills with insights into people collaboration and systemic issues and I loved discussing problematic project settings and getting feedback on my workshop material for example. Not only he was suggesting new ideas but also pushing us towards experimenting with them, like “Would you mind trying to live stream our current kata session to Twitch?” He is rather good at connecting people and I highly appreciated being able to take part in an exploratory testing mob session at our office with wonderful agile testing facilitator Lisi Hocke.

In summary it was a most pleasant and valuable experience working together with such a highly skilled person like Amitai.

Thorsten Brunzendorf, Senior IT Consultant and software developer
codecentric AG, Nuremberg, Germany