I consult, coach, and train in the New York metropolitan area, centering on your code in your team space. (See my Coaching Bio.)

Key Techniques

As you read, add “one new thing at a time” to each line.

  • Continuous Delivery: Delivering to production
  • Continuous Integration: Delivering to teammates
  • Pair Programming: Working in partners
  • Mob Programming: Working as a whole, integrated team
  • Test-Driven Development: Expressing new intentions in code
  • Refactoring: Expressing existing intentions in code
  • Fixing Bugs: Correcting unintended behaviors in code
  • Improving Legacy Code: Lowering the everyday costs and risks of changing existing code

How We’ll Learn

Together, in context.

This might look like

This might feel like

  • Safety to try ideas and develop intuition
  • Trust to dig deeper
  • Care to bring out the best in each other
  • Freedom to choose wisely which goals to seek and how to seek them

The above links are to my micropodcast, Agile in 3 Minutes.